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General Contractor
Lim Keenly Builders Pte Ltd

Singapore Sports Council

Albert L.P.Loh

SAA partnership Pte Ltd

Total Tonnage

Subcon Start Date

Subcon Completion Date

The award of this contract to Yongnam presented some unusual challenges. The sports hall design was unique to Singapore in that the whole roof structure was to hang from 2 arched pipes. The pipes were 1000mm diameter 16mm thk. To obtain the material rolled to the arch shape proved to be very difficult. The tube was rolled by a Japanese mill and segments bent in a facility local to the mill. The Yongnam factory was required to cut the segments to size prepare the ends for butt welding and transport to site.

Due to site constrains it was not possible to erect the roof after construction of the main hall concrete superstructure and supporting columns, therefore, it was decided to assemble the main supporting arches and roof on 2nd level slab. The assembly was jacked up to 1000mm above its final position and slewed to its final location. The concrete supporting structure was cast beneath the roof which was then lowered onto its bearings one month later.