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Yongnam's design, detailing and engineering department is located in Singapore HQ. It works hand in hand with clients and factory to meet fabrication requirements at all times. The department consists of nine employees with varying degrees of experience in engineering co-ordination, structure modeling and detailing. 100% of the fabrication details are produced using X-Steel 3D modeling software. Other detailing software such as Autocad and Microstation are used where necessary to import and export 2D layouts to and from X-Steel and also to clients.

Yongnam prepares the complete 3-dimentional model of the structure and connections, exports the nested cutting plans to various CNC machines using
X-Steel software. Yongnam currently has six workstations using X-Steel version 10. Using FTP Servers and access to the Internet through a high speed DSL connection, we are able to transfer drawings electronically for clients' approval and fabrication.