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Sub-soil conditions in Singapore are generally poor and considerable care must be exercised to avoid movement of soil and adjacent buildings during the initial excavation. The traditional method of shoring deep excavations had inherent risks for safety and damage to adjacent property. The Group has developed expertise in a specialist activity within civil engineering, the supporting structures for cofferdam construction.

The Group provided temporary supports to a cofferdam for the construction of the OUB Centre basement in 1984. The technique was later successfully applied to the construction of the Central Expressway Tunnel project in which YNEC was engaged to assist in the construction of the open cut tunnel.

The Group studied the requirements and difficulties of cofferdam construction. In 1995, the Group developed a modular system of support to cofferdams to accommodate various project conditions. The Group possesses a range of components that are interchangeable and may be arranged to accommodate various loading and dimensional requirements.

From an initial investment of $6.0 million in steel materials to produce the strutting system, the Group has been amassing its inventory of components to keep pace with the growing demands for temporary structures in the construction of basements. The Group presently stocks a range of components with a total cost of approximately $54.4 million.